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Why Dietary Supplements?

Everyone knows that an active lifestyle and nutritious diet are important and necessary for health and performance. However, I also think it makes sense to take high quality nutritional supplements. Why?

No matter what we eat, foods (hopefully) contain nutrients, but also send information to our cells. These cells also communicate with and continuously send signals to each other. This cell-signaling controls important biological functions, such as: blood circulation, muscle contraction, and cognitive processes.

Science is showing that dietary supplements that contain the right amounts of certain antioxidants can actually turn on the Nrf2 gene, which tells our cells to activate their own endogenous antioxidant response systems. This means that our cells will get the right information, and can thereby protect themselves from free radicals.

Each of us is living our own lives, but sometimes we need more, and sometimes less, support, depending on our dietary behavior, exercise or individual circumstances. And, food is not the only thing talking to our cells; there's also stress, and other emotions, our environment.... What I'm getting at is, when we actively encourage the natural ability of our cells to protect and renew themselves, they remain resilient, and we can adapt better to life's difficult, unpredictable circumstances.

How can we support, protect and renew our cells? I rely on an active lifestyle with good food, exercise, and supplementation.

I support the health of my cells with high-quality products from USANA (Latin for "True Health"). These products contain essential nutrients in a bioavailable formulala, and USANA products includes InCelligence™ technology.

Bottom line: healthy cells are the foundation of a healthy body.



As a former olympic athlete, the quality and purity of dietary supplements are of the upmost importance to me. Competing or not, I want to make sure that products which are designed to support my health, are of the highest quality.

USANA is one of the world's leading companies in the field of health and nutrition, which goes far beyond nutritional supplement regulations. USANA products are pharmaceutical grade. USANA was founded in 1992, by Dr. Myron Wentz, a highly decorated cell biologist and immunologist with a big vision"The USANA family will be the healthiest family on earth." The brand stands for purity and incorporates the highest quality ingredients, based on the latest scientific research. It has, several times, won awards by independent, third party testers. Well selected USANA products use self innovated cell-signal technology that activates natural cellular functions and responses. Since Summer 2018, my cells have also received USANA support twice a day. :)


My USANA Clients

USANA decided against situating its products among the variety of other food supplement and wellness products on the shelves of various stores. They also opted not to explain their products in commercial advertising. USANA chose direct-selling for various reasons. One is to have direct contact to customers, so to explain its products and ensure customers get the right products for their individual needs; this encourages an informative, helpful relationship between customers and USANA associates.

As one such associate, I am looking forward to guiding you towards a health-supportive routine. I know, I know, direct sales do not always have the best reputation, and I, too, was torn as whether or not I wanted to work this way. Yet, I know not all direct sales are the same. As a USANA customer, you will never be forced to place minimum monthly orders and you don´t have to pay any fees to order any products. As a USANA customer, you only buy the products you want to use!

Since health care never really ends, USANA provides an option to set up an auto order for every 4 or 8 weeks with a discount of 10%. But you are not bound by that, for even auto orders can be altered as desired. E.g., products can be removed, others can be added.... And your direct-access associate, I am happy to help you with all of that, if needed.

Having learned all the above and more, myself, I can work in direct sales, and I enjoy recommending USANA's high quality products. Moreover, I am excited to explain products, options, answer questions, serve and support my USANA customers.

Here you can check it out: USANA-PRODUCTS

Also, you are welcome to join my Facebook group with no obligations, just because you also having a passion for health :) Facebook - Andrea Health Passion - Usana



My personal goal is to live a healthy life and to do everything I can to make the most out of time until my very last day. For me, exercising and consuming a balanced diet are part of a healthy life. However, it is also important to have one (or more) fulfilling tasks; our brain needs activity to keep our bodies mobile and healthy.

Daily, I look for challenges that will keep me energetic and active, so to continue to grow regardless of continual aging.

The best way to do this is when I can share this passion as a part of a team, to grow with like-minded people, to thrive with the help of others, as I, in turn, help others to grow themselves.... Yes, I was an individual Olympic athlete, and in the end I was responsible for my results; nevertheless, without my team, my competitors, and the support of many people, starting with my family, I could not have won any of my titles! I subscribe to the motto: "whoever goes alone can go fast, but together you make it further"; I am happy to advance with a team, and, in this case, with my USANA team.

Do you want to support not only your own health, but also other people's well-being? Maybe you are like me and you have never been interested in direct sales, but somehow you're getting interested?

I am excited for everyone who also loves USANA products and could imagine being part of its team. A team in which everyone gets their questions answered, wherein everyone is, of course, still responsible for themselves, but not at all on their own.... This is how USANA's direct sales, or network marketing,works, as I got it to know. If you feel even a little interested, please contact me without any obligation.


Let's Talk

I am thrilled at how USANA's CellSentials™ & Co support my health. Maybe you would be as well :) Please contact me with no obligations!


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